I. Course Description

          Physical Science is concerned with making sense out of the physical environment.  The course’s purpose is to get you to think about and understand your physical surroundings.


II. Units of Study

The student will complete several units from the text,  Physical Science from Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

     1st Semester:  Chemistry                          2nd Semester:  Physics

           Nature of Science                                        Motion

           Concepts of Matter                                      Forces     

           Atomic Structure                                         Work/Power/Machines

           The Periodic Table                                      Energy         

           Chemical Bonding & Reactions                      Heat


III. Supplies

Textbook                            Pencils with eraser

Three ring binder                Red correcting pen

Paper                                 Colored pencils

Assignment notebook           Calculator

15 cm metric ruler               Reading book


IV. Daily Assignments

         There will be regular homework assignments during the week.  Usually, there will be some time given to work on the assignment in class.  Work must be neat and complete.  Assignments are due at the beginning of class for which they are assigned.  Only assignments handed in on time receive full credit.    A 20% deduction from the assignment grade will be taken for late work.  Late work will not be accepted after the completion of the chapter.


V. Make-Up Work

       Assignments & activities are recorded on a daily log (3-ring binder) in the classroom and on my website on the assignment page.  It is the student’s responsibility to check the daily log or assignment page and obtain any materials needed.  Make up assignments are due two school days after the absence unless it is a prolonged absence. If you plan to miss, check with me.


VI. Grading

Quarter grades will be computed from points earned from daily assignments, labs, projects, cooperative group activities, quizzes, tests, and participation.  Each semester’s grade will be computed   on the basis of the two quarter grades (85%) and a semester test (15%).  The grading scale used will be:

93 – 100   A

85 -  92    B

76 -  84    C

65 -  75    D

      *Updated grades will be posted on  and given periodically. 


VII. Classroom Expectations

1. Come to class well prepared.

2. Be respectful.

3. Follow classroom procedures.


VIII. Help
The best available time for help and make-up work is before school (7:30 – 8:20.), during Science Help Sessions, or after school (3:15 – 3:30).  Parents feel free to contact me at LHS (367-7990) or e-mail    me at if you have any questions or concerns. 


Let’s have a great year!!